Who are we?

Leaders - because that is who we are. Whether it's owners, consultants or customers, it's the identification with being a leader that is our common denominator, and we don't distinguish between whether you are an employee or a customer, because LEADERS is a community first, and a business second.


Strategy and leadership are interconnected and dependent disciplines to us. There are no goals without leadership, and no leadership without goals.

Lars Frisk Rossen - Founder, Change Leader & Inspirator
Mail : lfr@leaders.dk
Tlf : 31 50 65 02

Michael Bosholdt - Business Owner & Entrepreneur
Mail : mb@leaders.dk
Tlf : 20 70 13 62

Your Leadership - your business

Being able to work on generating results for you, your team and your company requires trust. So, let’s start by opening up and introducing who we are, our purpose and our values in working with you, your leadership and your business.

We were raised and took our first steps as leaders in the Royal Life Guards where, in our own ways, we were leaders in practice in a world with a lot at stake, where strategies and plans were translated into action and where the conditions were demanding and volatile.

Our relationships and shared values in LEADERS stem from that period. It was an environment where leadership was theory put into practice, and where trust ran deeper than a headline in a management book.

Since then, we have left the military and pursued leadership careers in the private sector while further educating ourselves in IT, change management, and organizational psychology – before establishing ourselves as independent business owners. Therefore, we are not two typical consultants.

We are two experienced leaders, passionate teachers, and dedicated athletes who are eager to work with unfolding people and leaders in order to create results together. We are curious, we dare to challenge, and we dare to speak our minds.

What we do

We work with leadership – not just as something we talk about but as something we do together. We’ve learned that leadership is hard work, and personal development isn’t something that comes easily in our busy lives where focusing on development is especially challenging.

We make a difference for you and your company by setting a high bar for good leadership. We do it as playing coaches, helping to focus on leadership in the organization and everyday life, where you and your team learn best, and we do it with respect and care for the authority and coherence each leader needs to maintain, maybe even create.

We create the framework for the development of leaders and teams so that organizations succeed in creating results while motivating employees and avoiding burnout with significant costs for both individuals and the organization.

To be allowed to work with you, your team, and your company to create results requires trust. So let’s start by opening up and introducing who we are, our purpose, and our values in working with you, your leadership, and your business.

What we are capable of

To be allowed to work on results creation for you, your team, and your company requires trust. So let’s start by opening up and introducing ourselves, our purpose, and our values in working with you, your leadership, and your business.

Our starting point is that we work with courage and love in leadership – elements that lead to task completion while employees can thrive and develop.

We are ready to delve beneath the surface and be curious about dynamics that may not be spoken about, but which have an impact on daily leadership and results. When the task requires it, we use nature as a classroom – a space where boundaries are broken, silence and reflection are optimal, and learning is optimized when the body is employed.

It’s not about survival courses or rappelling – it’s about creating frameworks for personal insight and learning.

The focus of our course “Leader – Find Your Courage” is a hiking trip in the Alps where we focus on you, your courage, and your challenges. We also offer a variety of other themed and focused courses.

Additionally, we also tailor leadership development programs to you, your team, and your organization in close dialogue and collaboration.

What do the participants say?

Initially, I didn't understand why we had to go to Austria and go hiking. Why couldn't we just do it in a field in Denmark? But being taken completely out of my familiar surroundings made me unable to rely on what I knew, and suddenly my thoughts were fresh and clearer about what I wanted to do with my leadership.

"I have realized that I need to pause and reflect on myself. It is great to be with you who are not biased, who embrace and challenge my usual thought patterns."